It’s super important that everyone knows Rin rolled up just one pant leg so people can see his ankle bracelet


Older shiganshina trio! Not by many years, but I have sooo many headcanons about them and I wanted to draw them

I especially love the headcanon that over time Eren takes on the appearance of his titan form, it probably doesn’t make sense, but it’s cool and kind of hot lmao, also there’s no way they wouldn’t end up with a lot of scars over the years, and even with Eren’s healing ability it would probably still leave behind some scars. Headcanons, man


In today’s thrilling episode of Guess What I Read And Who Are My Favourites.


Stop it


Stop it

Barakamon Episode 3: Sensei; Happy birthday Krystal!


Has anyone noticed how Hinata covers the back of his head while Kageyama’s serving?

nishinoya in chapter 119


Yamaguchi’s Successful Jump Float Serve